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Welcome to Coastal Hair Transplant… or “CHT.” Our practice was created to offer the greater Jacksonville community a safe, private, lasting option for combating unwanted hair loss. We offer a variety of Hair Restoration procedures and therapies that include:

Administering one or more of these treatments could bring about results that will make you once again feel GREAT about your hair!  Many seeking our help share with us that hair restoration has positively impacted their personal relationships, careers, and self-confidence.

We understand the impact of  balding and hair loss.

While baldness may be fairly common, we understand few want to endure the negative impacts it can have on “quality of life.” There are a variety of reasons why both men and women may go bald, but genetic hair loss is the most common. It is estimated that more than 50% of men between 30 and 50 years of age will begin to thin and lose their hair related to Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA).

Compassionate, discreet care for men and women in wanting to overcome hair loss.

Coastal Hair Transplant is owned and operated by Dr. Andrew Reidy, a board certified medical physician who personally performs every procedure. Dr. Reidy approaches every case with sincere caring, taking time to understand every patient’s personal concerns and goals.

Specializing in FUE transplant, the advanced techniques we offer eliminate the linear scar of a “surgical incision.” These procedures can usually be performed in one (and occasionally two) office visits, resulting in minimal life disruption or discomfort for our patients.

We also administer our Hair Growth Injections, Laser Growth Therapy, and Nutritional Supplements —all with the same focus on our patient’s health, comfort, and aesthetic well-being.

Our new office was designed to accommodate our COVID safe and confidential “one-patient-at-a-time” service approach. Whether you visit us for a consultation, or during a scheduled procedure, you always experience the attention and discreet care you deserve.

Coastal Hair Restoration Packages accelerate results — and save you money!

The Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration therapies we offer are priced below national and local averages. We also offer Multi-Treatment Hair Restoration Packages that can accelerate results — and save you even more money!

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The first step is discovering how CHT can help you is scheduling an in person or virtual FREE 20-minute consultation. During that time, Dr. Reidy will address any questions or concerns you may have. He will also conduct a preliminary assessment of your hair loss to identify the procedures that would most benefit you!

Wearing medical magnifying glasses, Dr Reidy transplants hair grafts into the head on an FUE patient

Dr. Reidy personally performs every FUE hair harvest and implant procedure administered at CHT.

A female patient lies on her back as a doctor wearing rubber gloves administers Platelet Rich Blood injections to help combat hair loss

We offer “direct to scalp” Alternative Hair Growth Therapy as a stand-alone treatment, and as a supplement to help boost FUE results.

profile of a woman sitting and pleasantly smiling as she wears the Theradme Laser Helmet Hair Restoration device in her head.

Our Laser light Therapy by Theradome® delivers clinical-level treatments in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Two bottles of Votesse Hair Health Supplements side by side, one for men and one for women

Our Herbal and Vitamin Hair Health Supplements ensure optimal results with whatever hair restoration procedures are best for you.

CHT Hair Transplant Results

CHT Patients Benefiting from our FUE Transplant & Restoration Proprocedures

Hair Transplant results are demonstrated with two side-by-side mages of a dark-haired man before and after receiving FUE procedure from CHT.

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Multi-Treatment Discount Packages

We offer Multi-Treatment Packages that accelerate your results —
and save you money too!

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