FUE Hair Transplant from Coastal

FUE: a Minimally invasive, preferred Hair Transplant Procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant or “Follicular Unit Extraction” is an advanced hair transplant procedure performed as an outpatient procedure.

Performing the FUE procedure requires a combination of restorative planning, focused micro-surgical techniques, and stamina as each hair graft is strategically placed into position. But when performed by a well-trained and artistically skilled physician like Dr. Reidy, FUE be completed in just one (or sometimes two) office visits. The minimally invasive techniques used in FUE make it the most versatile and preferred option for male and female hair transplant.

The FUE experience: minimal discomfort or life disruption

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Reidy will confirm your “donor areas” — sections of your scalp where the hair is genetically stronger and less susceptible to pattern balding. The donor areas are then clipped shorter, and a general anesthesia is administered to numb the donor and transplant scalp areas.

Once numb, small circular incisions are made using a special device that carefully removes follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs each. These units are then prepared as follicular grafts, each containing 1 to 4 hairs or more. These living grafts are then skillfully transplanted in the thinning or balding areas. So on average, a procedure involving 800 grafts could yield 1,600 to 2,400 or more transplanted hair follicles.

Post FUE recuperation is fast and effective

As an outpatient, you return home at the end of your procedure. Icing the areas affected is often recommended to help reduce any minor swelling. Your transplanted hair follicles will quickly begin to heal—as will the donor areas because no stitches are required. Any minor scarring from the incisions becomes nearly undetectable to the human eye, even with short hair styles.

Speeding up the healing and rejuvenation process

Over the next few months, your new hair follicles will become stronger and rejuvenate, just as does the rest of your healthy hair. Recent advancements in the science of Hair Restoration have revealed using additional therapies can speed up and improve the results gained through FUE. These include:

Combining all these with FUE is therefore the process we recommend for those seeking the fastest and most effective hair transplant results.

  • No surgical removal of a large scalp area
  • No stitches or large, linear scar
  • Donor follicle areas appear mostly unchanged within a few days
  • Results look 100% natural and are permanent
  • Live hair transplants continue to grow
  • Usually a 1-day outpatient procedure
  • Minimal disruption—most patients resume moderate activity the next day

Hair Transplant & Restoration Results

Examples of Hair Transplant, Restoration and Rejuvenation

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