Meet Doctor Reidy: Jacksonville Community FUE Surgeon & Hair Restoration Specialist

My name is Dr. Andrew Reidy, and I would like to thank you for considering Coastal Hair Transplant. Located right outside of Jacksonville in Fernandina Beach, I started “CHT” as a way of bringing of safe, affordable hair restoration to the community I call home.

As a young adult I always enjoyed a full healthy head of hair. But like so many my age, I began experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia in my early 30’s. I learned about hair transplant surgery from a friend, and was amazed with his results. Wanting to stop my own hair loss progression, I sought the benefit of restorative treatments.

Combining skills in Medicine and Fine Art to benefit my Jacksonville patients.

After completing a bachelor’s program in Visual Fine Arts at Western Connecticut State University, I earned a second degree in Human Biology from Northwestern Health Science University and College of Chiropractic. Working in that field for a time, I decided to further pursue a medical career. I attended the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine where I earned my medical degree and completed emergency medicine residency at Wright State University in 2009.

Working as an ER Physician, I discovered that helping patients enjoy a feeling of “total well-being” physically AND emotionally was especially rewarding. Understanding first-hand the positive feeling and results that hair transplant procedures can produce, I decided to make Hair Restoration my vocation. I believe this to be a great opportunity to improve quality of life for patients by combining my passion for medicine with my formal training in art and composition.

Helping patients “feel good” again — through a regaining of their own hair!

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant really does require both technical skills and a keen artistic eye to deliver results that look natural and appropriate for each patient. Using your own natural hair, I use safe, minimally invasive, surgical transplant techniques to restore your hair loss. In combination with other Hair Restoration Therapies, you will be surprised to see your hair growing once again!

My patients feel relieved that I perform every surgical FUE procedure myself. I guarantee that I (and not a technician) will be making every incision and later implanting newly transplanted hair follicles using the lion implanter method. I can also proudly state that I  (and not a sales representative) perform every consultation.  Every procedure is performed at my clinic, so there is never a need to travel out of town for the surgery. I feel great satisfaction knowing CHT hair restoration patients benefit from the great, long term results hair restoration provides. At Coastal Hair Transplant, I am now able to make quality hair restoration affordable — and therefore available to anyone in the greater Jacksonville area who wants improved self-like and renewed self-confidence.

CHT Hair Transplant Results

CHT Patients Benefiting from our FUE Transplant & Restoration Proprocedures

Hair Transplant results are demonstrated with two side-by-side mages of a dark-haired man before and after receiving FUE procedure from CHT.

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(1200 graph procedure)
BEFORE                             AFTER

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