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Hair Replacement
& Restoration—
safe, natural,
lasting, growing
using your
own hair!


Coastal Hair Transplant
& Restoration—
hair to make you smile!

Coastal Hair Transplant & Restoration offers safe FUE Hair Transplant and other Restoration procedures for men and women suffering from unwanted hair loss. Our natural, lasting solutions permanently reverse the effects of balding— by restoring and rejuvenating your own hair!

Conveniently located at 100 Lake Shore Drive in St Marys, we offer multi-procedure Hair Transplant and Hair Resoration packages at an AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE prices!

Meet Dr. Andrew Reidy, Hair Transplant and Restoration Specialist.

Hair Transplant and Restoration Specialist Dr. Andrew Reidy has focused his life’s work on helping people feel better physically—and emotionally. As a patient, you will experience a level of safety and competence that can only comes from being treated by diversely experienced medical doctor. All with a level of compassionate caring that really will have you smiling with newfound confidence!

Hair Transplant & Restoration Procedures

FUE Hair Transplants

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction, or “FUE” hair transplants. Dr. Andrew Reidy personally performs every one of these safe, relatively minor outpatient procedures to ensure superior medical and aesthetic results! Natural, lasting— with no visible scarring.

Growth-Factor Rich
Scalp Injections

Containing a high concentration of your body’s natural  proteins and growth factors, platelet-rich plasma injections have shown promise for treating thinning hair. A number of scientific studies have reported increased, thickened hair growth.

Theradome® Hemlet
Laser Hair Growth!

Theradome® fuses science, technology and medicine through Laser Phototherapy (LPT) —rejuvenating hair growth in men and women. With Theradome, clinical strength LPT is now available in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Hair Transplant & Restoration

Coastal Hair Transplant & Restoration.
Natural, lasting results!

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Multi-Treatment Packages

We offer Multi-Treatment Packages that accelerate results —
and save money too!

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